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Skeining Cashmere ...

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It's starting to look a lot like Tanglewood Fiber Creations 100% cashmere luxury! ...

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The final re-skeining begins of Tanglewood yarn bound for Atelier San Francisco and Atelier Marin next month! ...

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The Tanglewood Studio is almost ready! ...

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I haven't been around much these last few weeks. I've been in the process of moving into our new home.

My new studio and dye studio are going to make many more amazing things possible!!

Here is a delightful silk and merino blend I'm working on!

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Welcome to Tanglewood Fiber Creations!

Natural Cashmere

Natural Cashmere (3 colorways)

Tanglewood Fiber Creations is a purveyor of hand-dyed, hand-spun luxury yarn for the discriminating yarn salons.

We are wholesale only but provide retail support for those patrons that can’t find one of the yarn salons that carries Tanglewood Fiber Creations Yarn.